Jeff Hanson

Jeff Hanson (1978 – June 5, 2009) was a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist whose voice was described in a 2005 Paste review as an "angelic falsetto, a cross between Alison Krauss and Art Garfunkel that's often (understandably) mistaken for a female contralto."

Hanson was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He started learning guitar at four years old and by the age of 13 formed the emo/indie rock band M.I.J. Seven years later the band released a 7", an EP and a full album on Caulfield Records.

He began a solo career in 2003 and was signed to Kill Rock Stars Records after sending in an unsolicited demo tape. He has since released three albums for the label, Son in 2003 and Jeff Hanson in 2005. His third album for Kill Rock Stars titled Madam Owl was released on August 19 2008. Hanson's solo albums were...


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