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2013, Slumberland

VINYL FORMAT. Following up their lauded debut album Sports (2010) and the stellar follow-up EP Red (2011), Weekend bring you Jinx.

The band spent most of 2012 writing, recording, and painstakingly mixing the 10 songs that comprise Jinx with long-time producing partner Monte Vallier at his Ruminator studio. Despite the all-too-familiar time lapse of the recording and mixing process Durkan recounts the Jinx sessions as "the most trying, though rewarding, experience so far."

During this time, Weekend relocated cross-country to the already heavily saturated Brooklyn music scene. The trio had collectively grown weary of the comforts of home. Durkan states, "Feeling at home is evidence of stagnation and so I'm happy to say New York still feels alien to me."

When asked to describe the album in 3 adjectives, Durkan stated: "Volatile. Cathartic. Bittersweet. The record is a collage of inspiration and ideas from each member of the band. Shards of experiences, images, smells, sounds molded into something we can collectively call ours." Memories and experiences have been reinterpreted and recalled into existence from haunting, beautiful places. Each song on the album charges through a polarizing emotion through an ebb and flow of sounds both ominous and soothing.

From opener and first single "Mirror" through to future hit "Celebration, FL," the mesmerizing "Sirens" and epic closer "Just Drive," Jinx is truly the sound of a young band stretching and pushing itself, and finding something very rewarding in the results.


Disc 1
1 Mirror
2 July
3 Oubliette
4 Celebration, FL
5 Sirens
6 Adelaide
7 It's Alright
8 Rosaries
9 Scream Queen
10 Just Drive

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