Jucifer, founded in Georgia in 1993, are pioneers of the sludge / doom metal two-piece. They are notorious for their use of massive amplification, and for their entirely nomadic lifestyle since moving into their tour vehicle a decade ago.

Early on, Jucifer shared stages with many underground legends, including Lubricated Goat, Bloodloss (Mark Arm/Mudhoney), Melt-Banana, Melvins and Eyehategod. Years based in Athens, Georgia, United States from 1991 until 2001 were pivotal both for Jucifer and the Southern scene itself, which has evolved to strongly reflect bands such as Jucifer and contemporaries Harvey Milk.

Early Jucifer performances were best categorized as doom or drone, relying on ultra-low tunings and plodding tempos at chest-caving volumes. Although there were always some faster grind parts during Jucifer's sets (i.e. Fall...


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