Jukebox the Ghost

Hailing from Philadelphia, Jukebox the Ghost writes a fresh breed of melodic pop tunes driven by fiery rock momentum. With quirky lyrics and inventive songwriting, fans and critics have drawn parallels with the pop sensibility of Elvis Costello, the flamboyance of Queen, the wit of They Might Be Giants, and the creative rock of The Flaming Lips.

Jukebox the Ghost is a Washington, D.C.-born, Philadelphia-based three-piece rock band. The band consists of Ben Thornewill (vocals & piano), Tommy Siegel (vocals & guitar) and Jesse Kristin (drums). Since 2006, Jukebox the Ghost has toured extensively.

In 2003, Ben, Tommy, and Jesse met while attending George Washington University. Shortly after, they formed a band called The Sunday Mail. After two years, the band decided to take a hiatus.

During that time they ended up writing...


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