Jurgen Muller

In 1979, Jürgen Müller, a self-taught amateur musician studying oceanic science at the University of Kiel, travelled with a film crew to document a mission testing sea-water toxicity a few kilometres offshore in the North Sea. As ever, necessity was the mother of invention, and the experience proved so memorable that he was impelled to create a soundtrack to the footage and his own recollections using some electronic equipment borrowed from friends and a local school.

Armed with nothing but a faint memory of piano lessons as a child and - perhaps to be expected for a German student in 1979 - some awareness of (undisclosed) avant-garde electronic composers from the early '70s, Jürgen set about creating this lush suite of twelve marine-themed vignettes, plainly channeling his thoughts, moods and emotions into what could be quite easil...



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