Holy Shit

Vinyl 10"

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2010, Criminal IQ

VINYL FORMAT. If you want blood you got it and in the case of this new 10" vinyl record by Milwaukee's Holy Shit the blood and guts are splattered from floor to ceiling. Holy Shit formed back in 2004 and right from the start toured extensively on their self-released debut single that after selling through was (unusually) re-released on Alicja Trout's (Lost Sounds, River City Tanlines) Contaminated imprint - they followed that up with another great (and now out of print) single "Jazz Phase" in 2005 and featured on MaximumRockNRoll's 2006 state of the union compilation Public Safety featuring as MRR cover boys the following year and releasing a crushing debut LP on Criminal IQ that same year winning them fans worldwide.

This, their second studio full length for Criminal IQ, follows in the rich vein of form that their debut LP left us with coming at you from all possible angles, clawing blindly at the senses, and shaking them into oblivion. Holy Shit are all fast-all the time and play with a complex and screwball fury unmatched by most in today's bland hardcore by-the-numbers genre. This is zero compromise with maximum belligerence and captures one of the most underrated hardcore, punk, weird (insert whatever band description you want here) fucking bands walking the planet at their very best. A shining beacon amidst the horrific waste of vinyl that this genre produces. The band features members of the now disbanded garage punk bands the Catholic Boys, Truthdealer, and pop punkers the Chinese Telephones.

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