KC Accidental

K.C. Accidental was a Canadian indie rock band which formed the original basis for Broken Social Scene.

The core of the band consisted of Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) and Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think), and started out as a two person recording outfit. The "K.C." in the band's name was taken from the initials of their first names. They released two albums of mostly instrumental music. The project's second album, Anthems For The Could've Bin Pills, also included contributions from Jason Collett, Evan Cranley, Emily Haines, Jason McKenzie, Jessica Moss, James Payment, Bill Priddle, James Shaw and Justin Small.

Many of the musicians involved in the album went on to work with Broken Social Scene, who released their debut album, Feel Good Lost in 2001. Spearin and Drew released a second album afterwards, with the track...



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