Kaada has made a name for himself over the years both as a composer of film music and as a extensive touring solo artist.

Kaada has recently been described as Norway's film music guru[in the newspaper Dagbladet]. In the last seven years he has made the film music for 13 Norwegian and international movies. He has toured the World, and has good distribution on his records through American IPECAC and Japanese ROMZ. His catalogue also includes a collaborative release with Mike Patton and several releases with Cloroform

Albums :

2009 - Junkyard Nostalgias
2007 - KAADA/PATTON - DVD - live
2006 - Music For Moviebikers
2004 - KAADA/PATTON - 'Romances'
2004 - MECD
2001 - Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time

filmmusic releases :

2008 - Music from the motion picture o' Horten
2007 - Music from the motion picture Nat...


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