Tal National

Vinyl LP

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2013, FatCat

VINYL FORMAT. Tal National are from Niamey, the capital city of Niger. They’ve had several #1 songs in their home country, are constantly featured on national TV - folks in Niger leave their TV’s on and use them as boomboxes - and yet they sell their discs on the street, at roundabouts, since there is no distribution system in the country.

And they are a domestic phenomenon. The last CD pressing was meant to last for weeks (the band normally play five shows per week, each lasting for five hours, all across the region), but they sold out in a day. Niger is West Africa’s largest nation, and one of the world’s poorest. Resting between Mali and Nigeria, and not far from Ghana, it enjoys a greatly varied mix of cultures and ethnicities, all richly steeped in music. Hence it is no stranger to highlife music, kora music, afrobeat, while giving the world ‘Tuareg Blues’ and its own brand of hip hop. Now Tal National are bringing something entirely new to the table, and the population grow increasingly unified in their passion for it.


Disc 1
1 Kaani
2 Zigda
3 Wongharey
4 Nouvelles
5 Tchana
6 Sarkin Fada
7 Kountche
8 Banganésiba

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