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2011, Merge Records

VINYL FORMAT. Comes with a digital download! Dan Bejar started Destroyer as a solo home-recording project in the early to mid-nineties. Destroyer's two recent limited edition 12-inches, Bay of Pigs and Archer on the Beach, were lauded by critics and sold out in the first month of release. Kaputt is Destroyer's ninth album. 'Dan Bejar's latest is a saxophone and soft jazz driven ode to an America that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Kaputt reminds me of a Bowie album that might have gotten shelved in the mid 80's right around the time of Bowie's big film breakthrough Labyrinth. "Chinatown" kicks things off with a midtempo and spacey melody that meshes into the gooey and non descript "Blue Eyes" which finds Bejar justifying his songwriting like a mantra with the lines, "I write poetry for myself, I write poetry myself" ad infinitum. "Savage Night at the Opera" follows and reminds me of Scritti Politti or something that Simple Minds might have tossed aside twenty years ago. Did I just type Scritti Politti? How often are they referenced anymore?' - Ventvox


Disc 1 Disc 2
1 Chinatown
2 Blue Eyes
3 Savage Night at the Opera
4 Suicide Demo for Kara Walker
5 Poor in Love
6 Kaputt
7 Downtown
8 Song for America
9 Bay of Pigs (Detail)

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