Killing Time

Terry Malts

Vinyl LP

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2012, Slumberland

VINYL FORMAT. After careful, weeklong consideration, San Francisco trio Terry Malts went forth to record a debut LP as per the request of Slumberland Records. Displaying a slick, intelligent take on modern chainsaw pop, Killing Time certainly lives up to its name!

With a live reputation that bleeds funky "punk" attitude, the trio crammed this urgency into the Terry Malts studio edition. Recorded by a machine, then expertly mixed by human being Monte Vallier (Swell, Half Church), Killing Time may compel you to type the following buzzwords into your blog (which, I love, by the way!): catchy, husky, hunky, sharp, blue-collar, rocking, hockey-rock, working-class, perfect, near-perfect, not-half-bad, and / or not-bad. It's an album, it's a lifestyle, it's a 34-minute hour of pure, unadulterated Malts… all right'


Disc 1
1 Something About You
2 Not Far From It
3 Where is the Weekend?
4 Tumble Down
5 No Sir, I'm Not a Christian
6 Waiting Room
7 I'm Neurotic
8 Nauseous
9 Mall Dreams
10 No Good For You
11 I Do
12 What Was It?
13 Can't Tell No One
14 No Big Deal

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