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2002, Roomtone

RESTOCK. Formerly Fibreforms, Kiln presents a series of explorations in music event construction. Think MEGO, Mute's Parallel series, a more maximal REHBERG and BAUER, APHEX TWIN circa Ambient Works Vol. 2, SEEFEEL or NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS. Think of the electronic mapping of your nervous system or molecular motion under a microscope.


Disc 1
1 Supersonic Kid
2 Ampday
3 Tinsunshine
4 Swung Rusted Open
5 Blackberry Soldiers
6 Learning to Draw
7 Shoot the Piano Player
8 Printemps
9 Ubf V.2
10 Pinwheel
11 Rayed
12 Spheresong
13 We Drift and Are Strangers Again

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