Fort Romeau

Vinyl LP

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2012, 100% Silk

VINYL FORMAT. "Jack this groove," a deep voice persists in "Jack Rollin'," the tour-de-four-on-the-floor force set opener of Kingdoms. Seedy deeds are done during Fort Romeau's late-night lush, a frolic down London foggy fascination streets. Vinyl crackle on the hush-hush, Fort Romeau plays bass face-time and clap attacks through shadow jackin' steam, muted mambas, and the sultry spiral of total texture. A feminine touch, soothing and somnolent, with a man's musk, pounding, pursuing. Makes you teary, tearing down Romeau's Row, as syncopated swishes, like woodwind winter winds, suck, sigh, and blow. It's a sauna sound: hot gusts, warmer water jets, sensual shuffles, breathy and beautiful. "I need you," a yearning voice persists as the album closes, that covetous caress you've got your heart set on, that Fort Romeau languishing lull you set your heartbeat by.


Disc 1
1 Jack Rollin'
2 Kingdoms
3 Say Something
4 Some of Us Want For Nothing
5 Nights Bridge
6 I Need U
7 Theo
8 One Night

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