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2010, XL Recordings

"Ratatat recorded the tracks for LP4 during the same sessions that they recorded LP3. They recorded the album at the same Old Soul Studios in Catskill, N.Y., where they found the wealth of old synths, harpsichords, grand pianos, and other keyboard instruments evident throughout the last effort. Still, Mike Stroud insists that the two records are to be taken as distinct entities. The most obvious demarcation between the two is the prevalence of strings on LP4 - something that Ratatat has not attempted on a remarkable scale on previous records." - Matthew Blackwell / Prefixmag.com


Disc 1
1 Bilar
2 Drugs
3 Neckbrace
4 We Can't Be Stopped
5 Bob Gandhi
6 Mandy
7 Mahalo
8 Party with Children
9 Sunblocks
10 Bare Feast
11 Grape Juice City
12 Alps

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