Land Speed Record

Husker Du

Vinyl LP

We're sorry, but this product is no longer available.

2003, SST

VINYL FORMAT. These guys blazed through the 80's with a sense of desperateness and earnestness without making a bad record til they hit a major label, refining their sound and songwriting skills along the way. This record, Land Speed, is a superfast punk thrust. And if these records were coming out now they'd be calling it emo and I'd be sick.


Disc 1
1 All Tensed Up
2 Don't Try to Call
3 I'm Not Interested
4 Guns at My School
5 Push the Button
6 Gilligan's Island
8 Don't Have a Life
9 Bricklayer
10 Tired of Doing Things
11 You're Naive
12 Strange Week
13 Do the Bee
14 Big Sky
15 Ultracore
16 Let's Go Die
17 Data Control

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