Lansing-Dreiden is a multi-media company founded in Miami, FL and is currently based in New York. Its output includes artwork in the form of drawings, collages, sculpture and video, as well as the production of music recordings and Death Notice, a free newspaper containing fictional stories and images.

The collective's first full-length record, The Incomplete Triangle, was self-released in 2003. Spin Magazine described it as "dreamy space rock... with a psychedelic metal twist." This was followed by an EP in 2004, A Sectioned Beam. The EP was praised by Time Out New York as "an airtight example of textbook pop perfection." Both titles were reissued by KEMADO RECORDS in 2004.

Lansing-Dreiden's most recent full length was The Dividing Island, released in 2006. A music video was released for the single "A Line...


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