Las Robertas

Los Robertas are a band from San José, Costa Rica. Bandmembers are, Mercedes Oller, Monserrat Vargas and Franco a.k.a Ana M. Valenciano. They released their debut full-length album Cry Out Loud in May 2010.

The project started in 2009, Meche and Monse met years before, then they met Lola, decided to put up something together and started the band. Franco arrived a couple of months later and completed the lineup. (Later on, Lola left the band to pursue her college studies.)

They consider themselves very influenced by punk music, but what really inspires the band is soul and surf music. The band’s principal influences include also include C86-era bands The Vaselines, Black Tambourine, The Field Mice, and Beat Happening, as well as Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Wipers, Fugazi, early My Bloody Vale...


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