Lawrence Arabia

Lawrence Arabia is the musical pseudonym of New Zealand artist James Milne.

Born in Christchurch, NZ in 1981, Milne played briefly in a Auckland indie pop group called The Brunettes in 2002. He also played with fellow Brunettes member Ryan McPhun in a side project called Ruby Suns. Milne played bass for both bands on tours in the US but upon returning to New Zealand, he gathered together some local musicians (including McPhun) to form a new group called The Reduction Agents. In 2006, Milne released a record called "The Dance Reduction Agents" with the band and also a self-titled solo album.

Both records were critically acclaimed in New Zealand but failed to make much of a splash outside of his home country. Milne decided to move to the UK, setting up shop in East London, in Shoreditch where he began writing his seco...


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