Legends of Sam Marco

The Albertans


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2009, Our Secret Record

Joel Bravo, a native of Milwaukee, and bassist Ian Everall, Albertan by birth, met while members of New York's Bravo Silva. When that outfit ended they, along with a large and talented rotating cast of players, began playing in New York City under the name Sex with an Angel. They played CMJ in 2007, they moved to Vancouver in 2008, took up the name The Albertans and, along with new fellow travelers, Curtis Mclean, Alison Yip, and Krystin Monaghan, took to the road.

The Albertans, though, are not about place or pedigree. It is passage, the extremis of transmitting real bodies across the tangled wires and abstracted networks of space and person, that comes through when they play. Their songs are a cartography of North America mapped on the trail of human footsteps' fading heat signatures. It is traveling music, and they sing their songs in search of a road through territory made uncertain by love, dreams, and strange frustrations, the few directions to be heard tuned in dubiously on the last working AM radio.

Legends of Sam Marco, follow-up to '08's Sex with an Angel EP, is a trembling journey through the mystery of pop, a fugue of fifty years of Americana, rock, blues and soul that finds us after that journey in no place other than the weird intersection of here and now. It is an offering, a concept record that comes into your life as only pop music can, gifting listeners the moments of its progression to acknowledge that we are all bound together- sometimes bewildered in fear, but also dazzled by hope.


Disc 1
1 Marie
2 We're on Our Own
3 High Noon
4 I Want You
5 OK
6 Crabs
7 Anna Rose
8 Stop
9 Sam Marco
10 Warring Man
11 Bright Side

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