Lesser Evil


Vinyl LP

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2013, Arbutus

VINYL FORMAT. Marooned in a world of 24- hour status updates, Doldrums, aka Toronto native Airick Woodhead, is out to reclaim a space for the individual in a hyper-connected society. Fusing classic pop melodies and electro- hallucinogenic freak outs, Doldrums' androgynous voice floats on a sea of chopped up samples and primal percussion to create the perfect soundtrack to nostalgia-infused solitude.


Disc 1
1 Intro
2 Anomaly
3 She Is the Wave [ft. Guy Dallas]
4 Sunrise
5 Egypt
6 Holographic Sandcastles [ft. Sami Nacomi]
7 Singularity Acid Face
8 Live Forever
9 Golden Calf
10 Lost in Everyone
11 Painted Black

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