Let Go

The Silent Years


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2009, Sidecho

Following up The Globe, an album that garnered reviews like "The Silent Years may be the best indie rock band in the country" (Spin), may seem hard, but The Silent Years have answered that challenge with an even deeper and more complex EP, Let Go.

Penned in an expeditious, but not hasty, manner (in the course of a week), lead-singer and primary creative force Josh Epstein found the songwriting process for Let Go to be a breeze - much unlike that of The Globe.

And for being recorded very recently after the finalization of The Globe, one might anticipate that Let Go's compositions would be similar to its predecessor. But, as Epstein explains, that couldn't be further from the truth. Even mere months after the band had wrapped its full-length sessions, the change that has propelled The Silent Years throughout its tenure was once again imminent - out went the conceptual overtones and in came the introspection, juxtaposed with a dose of optimistic musical creations.

One spin of Let Go will prove that making such a recording under such unusual circumstances can still yield impressive results, featuring a roster of highly varied material. Scanning through the tracks, one will find easy-paced material counterbalanced by a worthy dose of more resoundingly extroverted and strongly melodic cuts.


Disc 1
1 Taking Drugs at the Amusement Park
2 Vampires Bite the Hands Feed Them
3 Forest Fire
4 Madame Shocking
6 Claw Marks

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