In 2005 Renée, Naemi and Teresa started playing together as Liechtenstein. Influenced by British 80s bands like Talulah Gosh, Dolly Mixture, Mo-Dettes, Girls at Our Best!, and Shop Assistants, they released their debut 7” single “Stalking Skills” on Fraction Discs in 2007. The title track made quite a buzz in the indiepop world and a frequent gigging around in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and United Kingdom followed. Around that time Elin joined the band on drums. In the summer of 2008 second guitarist and vocalist Teresa left the band and the others continued as a three piece.

In the autumn 2008 Fraction Discs released their second 7” single Apathy, and a video was made for the flipside Security By Design. “Apathy” showed a new diversity with its gorgeous vocal harmonies over soft pop melodies. It sounds all cosy, ye...


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