Losing My Patience

Shit Robot

Vinyl 12"

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2011, DFA Records

VINYL FORMAT. In its original incarnation, Shit Robot's "Losing My Patience" – a choice cut from 2010's From the Cradle to the Rave -- strikes a balance between iciness and warmth, with Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor's soulful vocals melting the track's frosty synthlines. Now, Hot Chip and Unabombers remix the track and redefine its feel. Hot Chip's new take on the single mystifies the original with deeply cut grooves, squelching bass and Taylor's heartbreaking, trilling vocals, pushed to lonesome front and center. The whole procession builds to a climax of chiming keys, striking percussion and synth melodies that corkscrew firmly into your head. The UK's Unabombers – the DJ duo of Luke Cowdrey and Justin Crawford – take a cosmic approach, laying down synths that stretch toward infinity and holding off on vocals till near the song's midpoint. The dub remix gains traction and energy in its latter stages, with a heady mix of piercing synth squeals and Taylor's vocalizations set on repeat, like a mantra urging party goers to the dancefloor.


Disc 1
1 Losing My Patience
2 Losing My Patience [Hot Chip Remix]
3 Losing My Patience [The Unabombers Remix]
4 Losing My Patience [The Unabombers Dub]
5 Losing My Patience [The Unabombers Android Refix]

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