Lungfish is a post-hardcore band formed in 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. All of their music has been released by the Washington, D.C. punk label Dischord except for their first LP, Necklace of Heads which was released by Simple Machines (it was later added to the CD release of Talking Songs for Walking by Dischord).

Their lineup as of 2005 consists of Daniel Higgs (vocals), Asa Osborne (guitars and vocals), Sean Meadows (bass guitar), and Mitchell Feldstein (drums). Previous bass guitar players are John Chriest and Nathan Bell.

Daniel Higgs sang in the 80s hardcore punk band Reptile House and has released numerous solo works under his own name and also Cone Of Light. He has recently made numerous solo performances, usually with the long-necked banjo and jaw harp.

Asa Osborne has released a CD and 7" with Charle...



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