Luomo is the pop-experimental face of Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti (b. 1976). The music of Luomo stretches taut lines between shadowy experimentalism and shining club aspirations of the dancefloor, capturing tension and romance in shards of polished disco. Full of dark chasms and dangerous sharp edges, the restless experimentation and bitter-tenderness in Luomo’s songs have shattered and reformed our expectations of pop, songs like ‘Tessio’ became the foundation of what was soon known as ‘microhouse’, a genre characterised by minimal clicks’n’cuts cast in grooving bass. But the pop tropes and shimmering vocals of Luomo smeared over deeply layered backgrounds made it clear that Ripatti was drawing on a wider range of influences to come up with this uniquely re-formed sound, not only glitch, but dub, trip-hop, chicago house,...



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