Made In The Dark

Hot Chip


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2008, DFA/Astralwerks

Inclusiveness and studio improvising were the key factors in making British electro-pop band Hot Chip's third studio record, Made in the Dark. Several tracks were done outside the confines of their home studios, which was a first. "We recorded six demos in January, and that was our first experience being in a studio other than a room or a basement," Taylor explains.

"I remember a lot of discussion about improvising in the studio, and listening to bands like This Heat," he continues. "We wanted to take it away from the computer; it became more about recording everything we do, and piecing it together later." - Billboard


Disc 1
1 Out at the Pictures
2 Shake a Fist
3 Ready for the Floor
4 Bendable Poseable
5 We're Looking for a Lot of Love
6 Touch Too Much
7 Made in the Dark
8 One Pure Thought
9 Hold On
10 Wrestlers
11 Don't Dance
12 Whistle for Will
13 In the Privacy of Our Love

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It's like Falco and Hall and Oates meet Prince and Gang of Four in a dark alley for a throat-f*cking contest with Gary Numan as the celebrity/guest referee. And I can't stop watching.

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