Magic Central

Breathe Owl Breathe

Vinyl LP

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2010, Hometapes Records

VINYL FORMAT. On colored vinyl; comes with a digital download! Hometapes presents Breathe Owl Breathe's new album, Magic Central. More than just a record, Breathe Owl Breathe have created a timeless aural cartogram of feeling, soul, skill, and story. You could have found it in the attic. It could have dropped from outer space. 'A lot of songs on Magic Central were born out of our experiences living at the cabin (our home). Micah had lived there by himself for quite some time, working on setting up his print making studio, and battling to keep the place warm through the winter. Trevor and Andréa would come up to the cabin when they could, finding Micah mixing inks and sustaining himself on peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Eventually, we were all there together, and the cabin became our refuge for making art and music together. The place transformed from solely being Micah's print studio into a place for recording, recreating (there's a badminton net in the front yard), working on art projects, and living. The separation between the printing press, the kitchen, the light table, and the old piano was starting to blur. At one point, we used the field of fresh snow as a surface to project Last of the Mohicans, and watched from the upstairs window. The cabin slowly morphed into Magic Central - a place where there is no distinction between working, creating, songwriting, practicing, and playing. So we started recording a lot at the cabin - on our 16 track, on cassette tapes, and VHS. Many of the songs were still simple ideas when we started laying them down - maybe just a lyric, or a banjo or piano line - and our goal was to let the studio shape the song arrangements. We knew we wanted to do the instrumentation for the album all ourselves - like doing our own stunts. In the early winter, Andréa left for Brazil. The songs that would make up Magic Central started to live a little. Up at the cabin, it became a time for epic cross country ski adventures, digging deep into the mixes, and coming up with song orders. With Andréa in a tropical climate, and us (Micah and Trevor) back in the depth of winter up north, broader themes in the album started to materialize - distance and proximity, chill and tropic, opera and grumble. Andréa came back from Brazil in the heart of winter (mid January). She brought back with her an equatorial vibe, a pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine), some tropical gifts, and some new beats. There was a feeling of reintroduction between us all, like a member of our tribe had just returned from a spiritual journey. We were also thinking about our final mixes at that time, and realized that there was another song out there that belonged on this album ("Across the Loch"). We went back to the studio, let the tape roll, and the song came together instantly between the three of us, bringing us all back into the same world, full circle, wrapping the album shut.' - Breathe Owl Breathe


Disc 1
1 Own Stunts
2 Dogwalkers of the New Age
3 Parrots In the Tropical Trees
4 Board Games
5 Dragon
6 House of Gold
7 Icy Cave Dancers
8 Lake Light
9 Sidehill Gouger
10 Across the Loch
11 Swimming
12 Lions Jaw

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