Mannequin Men

Not too long after coming together in 2003, the Mannequin Men had earned the title of Chicago's drunkest, snottiest, and most amp-ruining band. These qualities contributed heavily to them also being hailed by many as the best thing in town. Live, they're a reckless,giddy maelstrom of slashing guitars, primal screams, and spilled drinks. After a self-released debut Showbiz Witch (2004), recorded in a basement in one day, the band started to acquire a national following with Fresh Rot (2007), which took the band's trademark live energy into real songwriting territory, and furthering the comparisons to the Replacements. The band began acquiring an audience outside of their native Chicago, and toured nationally upon the release of Lose Your Illusion Too (2009), which leaned more into pop without sacrificing the band's improved songwriting or...


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