1. Mantronix were a 1980s electro/hip-hop crew lead by Kurtis Mantronik.

DJ (and later producer) Kurtis Mantronik, a native of Jamaica, had moved to New York City after residing in Canada in the late 1970s. There, he met Touré Embden (MC Tee) and the duo made a demo, eventually signing with Sleeping Bag Records. Their debut single, "Fresh is the Word," was a club hit in 1985 and was followed by their eponymous debut album the next year. The LP was one of the first best-selling hip-hop albums in the United Kingdom.

Mantronik went on to work with other groups, including Just-Ice, before releasing Music Madness and signing to Capitol Records in 1987.The Full Effect album followed in 1987. Do You Like...Mantronik came next, and continued the crew's success in the UK.

MC Tee then left to join the United States Air Force...



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