Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern

Vinyl LP

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2010, Kill Rock Stars

VINYL FORMAT. Marnie Stern the album mirrors Marnie Stern, the woman. Birthed during a challenging period in her life, the self-titled Marnie Stern is a compendium of life stories both bitter and sweet. From ballads to her signature pop guitar-tapping style, Stern and long-time co-conspirator Zach Hill (Hella) have churned out (for lack of a better word) an enormous album that will further cement Stern as a rising star in today's progressive music landscape. Stern also enlists the bass talents of psych-rock Canadian musician Matthew Flegel (of the band Women) and up-and-coming mixer Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, Funeral Party), resulting in Stern stepping up her sonic game and revealing a mature and more focused side of herself.


Disc 1
1 For Ash
2 Nothing Left
3 Transparency is the New Mystery
4 Risky Biz
5 Female Guitar Players are the New Black
6 Gimme
7 Cinco De Mayo
8 Building a Body
9 Her Confidence
10 Things You Notice

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