Master Tracks XC: Calvin Harris

Sol Republic


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2013, Sol Republic x Motorola

"These headphones were created to have professional sound quality so you can make music anywhere and it will sound just like it was made in the studio. And if it sounds good on the headphones, you know it’s going to sound good at the club.” – CALVIN HARRIS

With a smooth, slim-line finish, Master Tracks XC are designed to reflect the warmth of the studio environment. A sophisticated ‘singularity red’ finish, accented with micro-suede and upholstery style stitching, results in a unique and elegant design. Ideal for music creators, Master Tracks XC offer over ear comfort for extended listening. A lot of time was spent on the fit so that they can be worn for hours on end. Lightweight construction and super-soft ear cushions set them a world apart from ordinary bulky studio headphones.

Rounding off the studio to street double play is the black SOL REPUBLIC Pro-Cable, a rugged, 6-foot long cable with a 5-inch coil and ¼-inch adapter that secures right to the cable when not in use. You’ll never have to worry about losing the adapter when you switch from studio gear to your phone. An additional red cable with 3-button mic and music control is included, for use when you are on the move.

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