Young Magic

Vinyl LP

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2012, Carpark Records

VINYL FORMAT. Now firmly settled in New York City, Young Magic's three members came together through equal helpings of openness and fortuity. The immediately fruitful collaboration brought forth two singles, all of which were fitting indicators of the band's chameleonic sound, heavily informed by West African rhythms, Brainfeeder hip-hop, UK bass, and 60s psychedelic soul. Young Magic's full-length debut, Melt, expands on their varied aesthetic, at once electronically sequenced and completely organic. Containing recordings from ten different countries, the album flaunts new facets at each turn.


Disc 1
1 Sparkly
2 Slip Time
3 You with Air
4 Yalam
5 Jam Karet
6 Night in the Ocean
7 Watch for Our Lights
8 Dancer
9 Cavalry
10 Sanctuary
11 Drawing Down the Moon

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