Menace Ruine

Menace Ruine began in 2006, following several other collaborative projects between the Montreal-based duo of S. de la Moth and Geneviève. Over the course of four albums and an EP they have forged a unique and idiosyncratic sound, constructed from vast, distorted, yet always melodic textures and the imposing voice and songwriting of Geneviève. MR recorded two CDs for Montreal's Alien8 Recordings (later reissued on vinyl by Transcendental Creations) and a cassette on Tour de Garde. These were followed up in 2010 by 'Union of Irreconcilables', a CD and double LP on UK imprint Aurora Borealis, and a very limited 3" CDr, 'Sigil Sessions', on Luchtrat of Belgium.

MR have played live extensively in Canada and the US, sharing stages with artists as diverse as Francisco López, Nadja, Daniel Menche, Wolf Eyes and Watain. They condu...


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