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2011, Cherry Tree / Interscope

Comes with a free 11" x 17" 'paint by numbers' poster, while supplies last. Metals' songs range from low rumbling and moody ambiences to brutal and intense, as if it sonically maps the fog rolling in and the resulting cracking of thunder. "There's a lot more chaos and movement and noise than I've had before," Feist says. "I allowed for mistakes more than I ever have, which end up not being mistakes when you open things up and make room for them. It was about un-simplifying things and leaning on these masterful minds I have so much respect for. We were sort of testing the air, like a sea captain licks his finger to see which way the wind is coming from. It was less Brill Building and more naturalistic."

Some of the results wound up being more intimate portraits of relationships, like "Get It Wrong, Get It Right," which Feist describes as "a slideshow of a season in a place and the seasons between two people." But more often she found herself gravitating to the universal. Brainstorming along those lines helped lead her to the album title Metals. "I was thinking about quiet, raw, dormant ore versus the highly engineered result of forging that into skyscrapers," Feist explains. "and by the same equation, there's the way you feel versus the way you wish you felt. The raw material is one thing and what our minds turn it into are completely different states. Also, it echoes the word 'mettle, as in, a man proves his mettle by how his fortitude carries him through from raw act to reaction."

Sonically, Feist and her tight-knit crew strove to forge a connection between the future and the past. And ultimately, Metals' aesthetic has a deliberate patience, elemental wildness and natural beauty that echoes Feist's new found observations on time.


Disc 1
1 The Bad In Each Other
2 Graveyard
3 Caught A Long Wind
4 How Come You Never Go There
5 A Commotion
6 The Circle Married The Line
7 Bittersweet Melodies
8 Anti-Pioneer
9 Undiscovered First
10 Cicadas And Gulls
11 Comfort Me
12 Get It Wrong, Get It Right

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