Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman (born 24 January 1941, Yorkshire, England) is a highly regarded English singer-songwriter and a worthy guitar player.

With a back catalogue boasting such gems as 'Rainmaker' and 'Fully Qualified Survivor' (featuring Mick Ronson, Rick Kemp, and others), it's a mystery to all why he hasn't been afforded more mainstream recognition. With his often quirky songs and vocal style sometimes eerily reminiscent of David Bowie, one can only assume that Chapman's hardy reluctance to bow to the commercial pressures of his record companies served only to afford him scant recognition from the record-buying public. With a muse falling somewhere between Kevin Ayers and Warren Zevon, Chapman is a folk-rock, psychedelic jazz troubadour. A quality artist both then and now.

1977 saw the end of Chapman's Decca deal, and the beginning of...



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