Michael Yonkers

Beginning his musical career in the 1960's, Michael Yonkers is most well known as an early purveyor of the musical style called "skronk-rock". Skronk-rock is a nearly atonal form, but the genre is given grace through Yonkers' subtle manipulations of the sonic palette.
1969's Microminiature Love (1969 - Destijl, 2002 - Subpop, 2003), the culmination of his artistic peak, ran the gamut of the era's styles, from Jefferson Airplane-ish acid-rock (Jasontown) to voodoo-blues (Boy In The Sandbox, Smile Awhile). Yonkers defies immediate categorization, but in his work are shades of Pere Ubu, the howl of Iggy, the blunt primitivism of the Godz, and the seeds of countless other underground heroes.
The curious listener would be doing a service to him/herself by locating the old Michael Yonkers solo records that are floating all over th...


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