Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty (born June 10, 1970, in Fort Knox, Kentucky) is an American indie and alternative rock singer-songwriter and author. The former frontman of Soul Coughing from 1992, Doughty began writing solo songs in 1995, but nothing materialized until Soul Coughing broke up in 2000. At this point Doughty began touring solo with his acoustic guitar (after becoming clean and sober). His album Skittish (recorded 1996; released 2000) was finally released, along with the EP Rockity Roll. Doughty then formed a touring band including an upright bass, drums and keyboard.

Doughty's sound is that of muted acoustic guitar rhythms and nasally vocals with impeccable melodies. His lyrics are unique, and he can be described as a master wordsmith. He turned to a new direction for his 2008 album, Golden Delicious. Instead of an acoustic gritty sound, h...


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