Michael Milosh's vocals have been declared "sensual, airy, soothing, lush seascapes of erupting warmth and gentleness."

Milosh, from Toronto, Canada, debuted his first album, You Make Me Feel ("Top 10 Electronic Albums," iTunes 2004), as a work reveling in the joys of new love. It celebrated everything from his girlfriend's taste to her positive presence in his life. But then they broke up. Recorded in the 12 months after his relationship's collapse, Meme explores all facets of the newly-single male experience: heartache, loneliness, lust, guilt, soul searching, and eventually, romantic rebirth.

Says Milosh, "It begins with 'It's Over,' a song about my breakup with the girl 'You Make Me Feel' was about, and ends with 'Run Away,' about that need to get away from pain, from the dull routine of life, to be in...


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