Mini Speaker Thingie (Black)



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2011, EMI

This is the BLACK version of the Deadmau5 sound blasting portable mp3 speaker, affectionately known as the "Mini Speaker Thingie." It plays music for 4-8 hours on one charge, and is approximately three inches tall. It's compatible with all iPod variations, and will also work with other mp3 and CD players, as well as computers and even certain cell phones. Each speaker comes with its own packaging which includes a headphone cable for connecting your audio/music device to the speaker, as well as a USB charging cable for the unit. The speaker has internal rechargeable batteries, and can achieve a full charge in about an hour. Multiple speakers can be connected together, creating a richer, louder experience! Package dimensions (approximate; includes peg hook): 5 1/2" (h) x 4 1/4" (w) x 2 5/8" (d).

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Its terrible. It doesnt hold a charge and has bad quality.

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