Mirel Wagner

Mirel Wagner


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2012, Friendly Fire

This debut is quiet and intimate. It’s a minimalist record, in the best sense; stoically picked, almost trance-inducing acoustic guitar, a voice you wouldn’t expect to hear from a 23 year-old, and songs that mostly avoid classical folk song structure (they’re “lonely prayers in expressionistic language,” write a German critic). Everything is stripped to the bone and maintains a beautiful, strangely fragile tension, even more so during Mirel’s live performances. As the ghostly mood floats through her album, Mirel’s lyrics deal with equally dark themes: necromancy, love, death and the devil. These are not happy songs. But Mirel avoids any overly theatric gestures and instead imbues her songs with a subtle lyrical grace, even when the songs are about dead lovers and equally dark topics. In this sense, Mirel draws from a deep tradition of moody, introspective songwriters that includes such luminaries as Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake.


Disc 1
1 To The Bone
2 Well
3 No Death
4 No Hands
5 Red
6 Despair
7 Joe
8 Dream
9 Road

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