Mirel Wagner

Young singer-songwriter, Mirel Wagner makes ominous blues folk stripped bare. You don’t want to listen to Wagner’s stories, filled with death, self-destruction, sin, deep lakes and dark woods, alone in the dark. The soundscape of Mirel’s quiet singing and a single acoustic guitar is wonderfully bare and intensive. Wagner has no doubt been influenced by Hope Sandoval, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, but doesn’t sound exactly like any of them.


"Songwriting can hardly be more minimalistic, no-frills, more strict as Mirel
Wagner's sparse music," wrote German Spex magazine, quite right.

Mirel Wagner was born in Ethiopia, and grew up in peaceful conditions in Espoo, Finland.
The family name leads back to a German great-grandfather. At age 7 she was given violin
lessons, at 13 she switched to guitar and at 16 she wrote...


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