Moebius & Plank

Dieter Moebius, one half of renowned German duo Cluster, relaxing in light-hearted and more rhythmic studio adventures with the legendary producer Conny Plank.

1980-1986 Moebius & Plank Recordings

Rastakraut Pasta was released in 1980 on the Hamburg-based Sky Records label. It featured offbeat and experimental electronic music, at times influenced by reggae as the album title suggests. All instruments and vocals are credited to Moebius & Plank except for bass on three tracks which was played by Can alumnus Holger Czukay. The second album, Material, was released by Sky in 1981 and featured driving electronic rhythms on most of the tracks. Steven and Alan Freeman, writing in The Crack In The Cosmic Egg describe the first two albums, in part, this way: "Their early albums as a duo were revelations of innovation, bringing u...



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