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2013, 4ad

VINYL FORMAT. Mystery disc of NOCTURNAL GARAGE. rat tapes / NEW FORMATis avant garde(?) but only in context not form (original intent of avant garde (1912- 59) / before logic: FOG MACHINE / LEATHER / NEONRECORDED VIA MULTIPLE 8TRAX into MCI MIXING DESK by Bradford Cox and Nicolas Vernhes in Brooklyn, Borough of New York JAN- FEB 20135th Longplaying Album from American (GA) Rock Group Deerhunter Resistant to HISTORICAL / FUTURIST SNARES (1959 _)THE MUSIC GROUP: formed 2001, AMENDED JAN. 2013


Disc 1
1 Neon Junkyard
2 Leather Jacket II
3 The Missing
4 Pensacola
5 Dream Captain
6 Blue Agent
7 T.H.M.
8 Sleepwalking
9 Back to the Middle
10 Monomania
11 Nitebike
12 Punk (La Vie Anterieure)

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