Mother Hips

"We definitely all missed playing together, and a couple of close friends kept urging us to play shows," says singer/guitarist Tim Bluhm about The Mother Hips' decision to reconvene. "We approach the band differently now than we did before the hiatus. There's no pressure on us the way we do it: We all have other sources of income, and mostly aren't dependent on the Hips making money at shows. I think of us as 'musicians of leisure.'"

Formed nearly 15 years ago at Chico State in Northern California, The Mother Hips have seen it all, and there are already two documentaries about them-Stories We Could Tell and This Is The Sound-to prove it. They've gone from dorm band to buzz band to cult favorite; they've taken a truckload of drugs and then kicked their habits; they've played with everyone from Wilco to Johnny Cash; t...


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