The Mountaineers are a Welsh pop group, consisting of founding members Alex Germains (vocals and guitar) and Ceri James (vocals and keyboards). Having been discovered by Deltasonic founder Alan Wills, they were the first act to sign to the label Deltasonic. The group produces all their own music.

Originally augmented by Czech-born drummer Tomas Kelar, the trio released an eponymous 6-track EP (later dubbed the Red Thong EP after the opening track) on the Deltasonic imprint in 2001. This was picked up by BBC Radio 1 disc jockey Mark Radcliffe who played it on his national daytime show for a week in November 2001.[1] Mute Records signed the band and they released another eponymous 6-track EP (known as the Self Catering EP; again after the title of the opening track) in 2003, followed by the album Messy Century. After having been released...


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