Mungolian Jetset

Members: Knut Sævik, Strangefruit

Name Variations: All | Mungolian Jet Set | Mongolian Jetset | Mungolian Jet | Mungolian Jet Set's 16th Rebels Of Mung | Mungolian Jet Set, The | Mungolian Jetset (

"Mungolian Jet Set has become the main musical vehicle of Norwegian DJ legend Pål "Strangefruit" Nyhus. Along with partner Knut Sævik he is out to find the philosophers stone of dance music, leaving behind all normative concepts and delving audaciously into music’s inexplicable essence. Mungolian Jet Set is duo on a quest, perhaps a little like the mystic Gurdjieff who roamed in the vicinity of Mongolia and joined in competitions to make the mountains sing" (

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