Music Hall A15.2 Integrated Amp

Music Hall


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2012, Music Hall

Two knobs, volume and source selection, and one set of speaker outputs. Simple. In designing the a15.2 we decided to go back to the roots of audio. Back to a time when integrated amps dominated the landscape in audio shops as a smart alternative to big separates.

Today, the a15.2 presents a smart alternative to surround sound receivers and all in one systems. It's the perfect choice for someone looking to assemble their first hi end system. Partner it with our dac25.3 digital to analog converter, a cd15.2 compact disc player, and one of our turntables for a great sounding system. Connecting a turntable couldn't be easier with the built-in moving magnet phono preamp. And with an impressive 75 watts/channel, the amp has plenty of power to drive the speaker of your choice. Have a listen, you won't be disappointed.

75 watt/ch amplifier
ultra low noise pre-amplifier section
brushed aluminum face plate
gold plated heavy gauge speaker binding posts
gold plated inputs
5 x analog stereo inputs
moving-magnet phono input
headphone output
special padded vibration damping feet
powerful high-current toroidal power transformer
3.5mm front panel mini plug input
power saving standby operation
voltage switchable removable power cord
system remote control

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