My Head is an Animal

Of Monsters and Men


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2012, Universal Republic

Though their reach is growing broader, the group's appeal has remained distinct: their music is as fantastical as it is pretty. For inspiration, they often reference random stories they've read. The chanting, tribal "Six Weeks" was inspired by the true tale of American frontiersman High Glass, seemingly left for dead after 86in a bear that attacked him. Explains Nanna, giggling: "I was reading a post about the six most badass guys in history." As for the swelling epic "From Finner"' "It's about a whale that has a house on its back" says Raggi "on which people travel across the ocean, exploring different places and having adventures." They also dig deeper, past legends of grizzly men and whale riders. "Little Talks," for instance, explores loneliness and insanity, while "Love Love Love" ruefully ruminates on heartbreak. "If you listen to the lyrics, they're not as uplifting," he says. "But our music is meant to be fun to sing along to." My Head is an Animal features production by Of Monsters and Men, Aron Arnaarsson, and Jacquire King, while Craig Silvey handled mixing. It sounds like a dream and it's pure bliss to listen to.

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