Native Canadians


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2008, Impose Records

VINYL FORMAT + CD. Insound Staff Pick - 2008! Jonathan Edelstein, Lucian Buscemi and Julian Bennett Holmes are Fiasco, a Brooklyn trio formed in 2005. Their upcoming instrumental album, Native Canadians, the follow up to 2007's God Loves Fiasco will be released on Impose Records. Known for their chaotic live shows and technical proficiency, they've been described as a mix of punk, noise, and math rock, and have traveled to Austin for SXSW and as far as Bosnia for the Sarajevo Film Festival. However, their favorite places to play are people's houses.


Disc 1
1 Steve Herman
2 Oh, You Horny Monster!
3 It's Like Fishing Without A Hook And Expecting To Catch Fish
4 You Can Walk The Walk, But Can You Drive The Car?
5 I Figure It's Better We Do Something Ridiculous Than Nothing At All
6 I Wanna Be Your Cat

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