Nekromantix are a psychobilly band that formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1989.

The Nekromantix were formed in 1989 in Copenhagen by Kim Nekroman after he left the Danish Navy, in which he had been a submarine radio operator. Deciding to launch a new career in music, he initially played drums in a rockabilly band prior to the foundation of Nekromantix. Learning to play the double bass and to sing, Nekroman set about forming a horror-themed psychobilly band with himself as the frontman. The band lineup is currently rounded out by Franc (guitar) and Lux (drums).

The band played two local shows in Copenhagen before appearing in a large psychobilly festival in Hamburg, Germany only six months after the band's formation. This lead to a record deal for their first album, Hellbound. Nekromantix began touring Europe heavily. At the time, the...


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